How customer service and customised collection processes increased collection rates.

It’s fair to say that our Danish client, DinParkering, is almost like a swiss army knife when it comes to the parking business – flexible, efficient, and easy to use. However, despite offering a wide range of tailor-made solutions and services for the parking industry, DinParkering was struggling with cash flow and low customer satisfaction. That’s where Alektum Group came in to help.


An important key for most businesses’ success is to have high customer satisfaction, which in turn leads to the creation of brand ambassadors and a liking of the brand. In DinParkering’s case, they were struggling with low customer satisfaction amongst their debtors due to low availability and lack of effective solutions. At the same time, they wanted to optimise processes to reduce time, as well as Customer service costs. Aside from this, the Danish parking company felt the need to achieve faster cash flow while also lowering their credit losses.

When we started the cooperation with Alektum Group, we wanted them to help us throughout the whole value-chain – something we knew they have done before. We needed to change our customer’s perception of us, while at the same time better our cash flow says Noor Uzbek, CEO of DinParkering.


Together with our client, we developed tools to optimise their internal customer service function, making them more available for their debtors. ‘We implemented a new debt-collection strategy using scoring models, digital payment solutions and made it easier to get in touch with debtors through individual as well as multichannel contact solutions.

Lastly, through our cooperation with DinParkering, we were able to find new sources of income and additional ways to trigger payments at a faster rate. hence making it easier for them to increase their cash flow and lower their credit losses, just like they wanted.

The solutions Alektum Group provided truly show their diversity. Their ability to see and understand the customer’s needs is exceptional. Their scoring model and digital payment solutions reassure us that we always make the right decision for each and every debtor.


All these learnings and improvements would prove to be differential for DinParkering. As a result of our cooperation, the Danish parking company has increased its accessibility by 22 %, resulting in fewer complaints and higher customer satisfaction amongst their debtors. Additionally, DinParkering has fewer customer service enquiries from debtors, resulting in cost savings and a stronger brand image.

DinParkering also bettered their collection rate with a factor 10 while reducing the time it takes for their debtors to pay the debt.